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Upcoming Black Friday Deals 2022

What and when to buy

Black Friday is one of the best days to purchase your favorite products at discounted prices. Numerous retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, have launched early sales with discounted prices on different products, including:

  • Televisions 
  • Computers 
  • Laptops 
  • Smartwatches 
  • Air fryers 
  • Vacuums 
  • Mattresses 
  • Etc. 

Black Friday 2022 is on November 25. Although the actual date may shift, the day will remain the same because it is Friday after Thanksgiving. Today's article will give you a few tips to find the best deals on popular eCommerce platforms. Read on! 

How to Get the Best Black Friday Deals?

Getting the best Black Friday deals is daunting and time-consuming because it requires thorough research and preparation. Most retailers increase product prices between August and October, so they offer discounts to their customers on Black Friday in November. 

That's why thorough research is crucial to getting the best deals. Instead of focusing on a specific model number of branded TV, you should look for the number and quality of features. The reason is that a TV or laptop you buy using a model number may not have enough discounts on Black Friday. 

Therefore, do your research and compare prices of products from different brands to prevent the risk of losing money. Read online reviews to know what others say about a product you want to purchase on Black Friday. 

However, don't rely entirely on the five-star reviews because a product, such as a laptop or TV, may have five-star reviews and a cheaper price, but it may not have the best features or specifications. We recommend:

  • Setting your budget 
  • Following your favorite brands 
  • Making a wish list 
  • Getting cashback on purchased items 
  • Looking for early deals on Amazon and Walmart 

Where to Find Black Friday Deals? 

Online retailers offer a wide range of Black Friday deals. However, sorting through the thousands of offers is daunting because finding the best bargains can confuse you. However, we suggest finding the best deals from reputable trailers like Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc. 

Unlike other retailers, Amazon is the most reputable platform for finding the best black Friday deals. It offers low prices and discounts on products in different categories. For instance, Amazon is the best platform to find and get Black Friday deals, whether TVs, laptops, air-pods, kitchen appliances, clothing, smartphone accessories, children games, or toys. 

Overstock, Lowe's, Home Depot, Dell, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy are other retailers to find impressive deals on Black Friday. However, nothing matches the versatility, diversity, and variety of product categories on Amazon. So, here is what we think about different retailers:

  • If you want to buy technology products, home items, and clothing, Amazon is the best platform
  • Best Buy is a reliable retailer for finding and getting the best deals on TVs, laptops, computers, and headphones 
  • If you want to purchase gaming laptops or workstations at a discounted price, opt for Dell 
  • Lowe's offers excellent Black Friday deals on branded items from LG, Whirlpool, and Samsung
  • Kohl's is good for getting deals on shoes, clothing, winterwear, accessories, children's clothes, etc. 
  • Home Depot offers the best deals on furniture, appliances, and tools

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