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Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions about our ProductReviewJobs ("PRJ"). This page serves as a more-detailed overview of our service, and we've listed answers to popular questions down below.


Q: Why am I being

asked for my personal information?

A: Above all else, we need to make sure you're real. Our

research clients are trusting us to get their products and services in the

hands of real, and unique people. So, we need to make sure your email address

is valid, and we run some other checks (in real-time) as well, including phone

number validation, address validation, IP address validation, and more. Your

information is also used to determine which product tests, focus groups,

clinical trials, etc. are available to you, since some have strict guidelines

on how many people within a certain zip code we can get, etc.


Q: Is this a scam?

A: No, we will never ask you for your credit card information,

payment in any way, or anything like that. The most frequent complaint we get

is that people don't understand what our site actually does, so we're hoping

this Frequently Asked Questions section helps with that!


Q: After I test products, will my payment come from


A: No, your reward/payment will come directly from the

independent research company that project was for. *PRJ does not conduct the

research ourselves. Our service finds these projects online and in our network

of market research clients, then delivers them to you via email. The projects

are always conducted 100% outside of our website.


Q: Will I receive a W2, or 1099-MISC tax form for my

earnings? Also, do I need to report this on my taxes?

A: *PRJ and its clients will only issue the tax forms required

by law, which start at minimum $600 in a year earnings per company. Again, remember that

your earnings addressed in Q1 above are coming from each independent market

research company, so it's unlikely any 1 individual company will generate $600

of costs with you in a calendar year, since we have hundreds of companies in

our system. With that said, as a taxpayer this does not excuse you from

tracking this income as part of your yearly earnings, and although companies do

not need to report earnings under $600 to the IRS, that does excuse you from

reporting that income to the IRS. We recommend that our members keep notes on

which companies have paid them, the amount, and the date received.


Q: If you aren't actually sending me products, what

does PRJ do?

A: Market research companies provide great opportunities for

individuals, but they are usually terrible at finding people online. They list

craigslist ads, post on low-follower Facebook accounts, ask family and friends

to participate, etc. That's where we come in- we partner with all of those

research companies to find people for them. And rather than run ads all the

time for specific projects, we built this website so we can have pool of

qualified, interested people ready to go. So, when a research company brings a

new project to us, we already have your info, and we'll email you the invite.

We help our members get early access to these new projects and alert them as

they come in, rather than trying to constantly find new ones online.


Q: Do I need to pay for the products first, and then

I get reimbursed later? Or do they send me the products up front?

A: Simple rule- leave your credit card in your wallet. We try to

avoid any projects where our members are asked to buy something up front, so

just don't ever do that. If you come across a project asking you to buy

something before you can test it, please email us to alert us of it. This does

not apply to projects that ask you to go to a specific store and detail your

experience ("Mystery Shopper")- that's actually fun but yes, you'll

need to be reimbursed afterward rather than paid before.


Q: I’ve been a member for a while, and I haven't

gotten any products. What do I do?

A: Please continue to be patient. We know it's frustrating, but

we're still a relatively new website, and our network of market research

companies is still growing. Product tests are rare. What's more common are

other projects we offer- paid clinical trials, online focus groups, and online

paid surveys. We look at it like this: we're not going to email you or bother

you a lot with things that are not product tests or free samples, so it doesn't

hurt to just sign up and be on our list. We'll reach out to you when we have a

project that fits. If you're very eager to start right away, our site does

recommend a few other comparable websites that have been around longer and offer

a similar service.


Q: I was told I can make $X amount doing this. Is

that accurate?

A: Our maximum amount you could earn is based on a very active

user, doing all types of things on our site. Example week: you participate in a

paid clinical trial ($300) + you test a new product ($50) + you scan groceries

receipts for a project ($50) + you take a bunch of online surveys ($100). These

are estimates on rates only, and factors in your time invested. More common, we

hope our members can earn an extra couple hundred bucks per month doing a

variety of the above at a more relaxed pace.


Q: There are a lot

of options, where would you recommend, I start if I'm new to this?

A: After you join, we send a welcome email including 5 sites.

I'd recommend you sign up to 2 of those websites (just to

start getting some frequent email invites for paid surveys). Occasionally check

back in on our page,

since that recommends 3 programs for you, and it changes over time. Usually, a

grocery-scanning project can be found there, and/or an app install project,

that both are easy to accomplish and relatively passive. You would also find

any available clinical trials on that page. If you have more time available in

a regular day, try visiting our job page (see answer to the question about



Q: I'm looking for a part-time or full-time job

where I can work remotely, or work from home. Do you offer that?

A: We have an entire page dedicated to finding WFH/remote jobs

for you,


Q: After signing up, I've decided this isn't for me,

how do I remove myself from your lists and site?

A: If you got an email from us, there is a link to unsubscribe

at the bottom of the email. We do not ask any further information from you;

just click the link and you'll be unsubscribed. If you would like your

information removed from our system completely, just contact us via email or

respond to the email you received from us, and we'll remove it.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us via email!


*Currently ProductReviewJobs does not conduct the surveys & research ourselves, but that is our long term goal. We are prioritized on finding product tests and projects for our members, but once we have consistency in that area, we aim to start conducting the research ourselves and reward members directly.


*ProductReviewJobs is not a legal or financial advisor, so any

recommendations made are from our own opinions and are not to be mistaken for

legal or financial advice.