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Is Legit?

A brief summary of what this site does!

Understanding what is a legitimate way to earn money online vs what’s a bogus fad is difficult. This article answers the questions: What does do? And, Is ProductReviewJobs legit? If you’ve stumbled across this article and want to learn more- Read on!

What is ProductReviewJobs?

ProductReviewJobs is a site that connects people with market research companies, and opportunities for paid product testing. Many paid focus group or paid survey companies talk the talk, but when it comes to actually paying people, many companies fall short. ProductReviewJobs does a good job of separating the good sites from the bad, and the high-paying from the low-paying.

When applicants apply to join ProductReviewJobs, they can expect a few things.

First, they’re going to need to provide their basic demographic information, so that the site can get rid of any opportunities that do not fit the individual user. Next, applicants will need to provide slightly more detailed demographic information, like any ailments they suffer from, credit score, or household income. These detailed questions narrow the search further, and allow the researchers to find any very high-paying opportunities, if there are any.

Twenty years ago, or even five years ago, there weren’t nearly as many paid online survey opportunities out there. The US market has also seen an uptick in recent years in paid product testing and paid consumer testing, due to the increase in online shopping and spending. So it’s no wonder there are so many ways to get lost in the clutter today.

While ProductReviewJobs doesn’t current pay participants directly, it does introduce applicants to websites and companies that do.

How Much Can I Expect To Earn?

On average, most people will earn little to nothing from this service, because it’s based one hundred percent on what you do after you join. Since all recommendation come via email or at the end of their signup process, you will not start earning until you take part in those activities.

ProductReviewJobs prides itself on being able to provide three paid opportunities for every single applicant, immediately after joining. At the end of the entry survey, three results will be shown to each person, and most people will see at least one high paying option (over $300).

How Much Time Does it Take To Earn?

Just like any form of earning income online, this site takes a significant amount of time investment. But unlike other popular forms of earning online (becoming an influencer, starting a blog, affiliate marketing), there is a very small learning curve. You can earn almost instantly.

To calculate how much time is needed to invest in this site to earn, you need to look at the opportunities presented after joining. For example, a paid clinical trial may advertise that it pays $1500 per person, but that trial may involve physically visiting a test location near you, or must joining a daily skype chat for an hour each day for a week.

Other opportunities like paid survey panels, can be immediate and have very little commitment needed, but can take a very long time to rack up enough points to cash in.

Is Legit?

While I am certainly biased toward saying yes, the evidence does prove that this site is a legitimate opportunity, yes.

If you fully understand the purpose of the website, and why you’re joining, it is very simple to earn a moderate amount of extra income each month via the recommended focus groups, paid clinical trials, and paid survey opportunities.

Will this site be for everyone? Absolutely not. Is it going to provide better recommendations than search engines when it comes to finding the best and highest paying paid online product tests and paid surveys? Yes, we believe it does.

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