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How to Set Your Yearly Financial Goals

How do I set my yearly financial goals? What steps do I need to take? How do I maintain these goals without hassle?

Setting yearly financial goals allows you to develop a sophisticated and risk-free financial plan. It helps you streamline your day-to-day spending, make informed decisions, and save more for the future. 

Having clear financial goals for the next year allows you to focus on investment strategies and measure how well you track your finances along the way. Here is how you can set your yearly financial goals. Read on! 

Steps to Create Yearly Financial Goals 

Step 1: Find out what matters the most to you and your family. Analyze your monthly income and inspect where your money goes. Sort out what is within your reach and how you can create a strategy to reduce risks and earn/save more. 

Step 2: A SMART strategy is equally beneficial when setting yearly financial goals for individuals and businesses. These goals are specific, measurable, achievable, attainable, relevant/realistic, and timely. 

Create a specific and realistic budget and focus on what is coming in and going out. Next, address your goals using your budget to bridge the gaps. Let us give you an example of a SMART strategy:

  • S: Specific – I want to earn or save $30,000

  • M: Measurable – I will pay off 20,000 credit card debts 

  • A: Achievable – I will cut costs on groceries, electricity, gas, telephone, internet, restaurant, vacations, gym, and online subscriptions 

  • R: Realistic – Saving $30,000 is the actual goal 

  • T: Timely – I will save $2,500 every month to reach the goal in one year 

Step 3: Monitor and analyze your progress to identify weaknesses, strengths, threats, and opportunities. The purpose is to determine whether you can meet the set goals or benchmarks. Take your time and revise your strategy if something goes wrong. 

Create a Budget 

A comprehensive budget with more minor details can help you meet your earning, spending, and saving goals. You must create a monthly budget and align it with your yearly financial plan.

For example, monitor all monthly spending and create a budget that includes all cash inflows and outflows. Find out whether you have maintained a good balance between the inflows and outflows. 

Become Debt Free

If you want to achieve your yearly financial goals, make sure you pay off your debt. Otherwise, you may lose track and fail to maintain the progress. We recommend performing thorough research and working with your bank/lending company to ensure the terms of loans are optimal. 

For example, you won't achieve your goals if you want to save $2,500 per month to make it $30,000 a year but don't have money to pay off your credit card debts. The reason is that the lending company will eventually force you to pay off your debt. 

On the other hand, if you negotiate with the lender and come up with a reasonable plan, such as putting $200 every month toward your credit card debt, you can streamline the process and meet your goal at the end of the year.

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