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How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

It's possible to be healthy AND frugal

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted supply chains worldwide, causing food insecurity in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other countries. Healthy good is expensive, making it difficult for low-income families to eat well on a tight budget. However, today’s article will highlight ways to save money and still consume healthy, delectable foods. Read on! 

Plan Your Meals

Take time to plan your meals every week. We recommend creating a grocery list and including essential items. Scan your cabinets and fridge to see what you have; if you have food hidden in the back, you can use it. 

After planning your meals and making your grocery list, avoid adding more items to it. Sticking to the already prepared list is essential to saving money. People usually get sidetracked at the shopping mall or grocery store, leading to expensive purchases. 

The general rule is to shop the store’s perimeter to fill the trolley with whole foods. The store’s mid portion contains unhealthy and processed food. Make sure you avoid these aisles unless necessary. 

Buy Whole Foods

Purchasing whole veggies and fruits is more affordable and healthier than pre-cut, canned, and bagged produce. Doing more prep work and knowing what’s going into your meals is essential to saving money. 

Besides, we suggest purchasing seasonal produce because these are healthier, fresher, and more cost-effective than out-of-season veggies and fruits. Always create a list before visiting a grocery store or vegetable market. Stick to the list and avoid buying extra items. 

Cook Large Portions 

If you have a limited or tight budget and want to reduce spending on food, you can cook large meals to save money and time. In addition, you can leftovers for lunches and dinners or freeze single-portion sizes to consume the food later. 

Leftovers make excellent stir-fries, stews, burritos, and salads. Not only are these meals healthy, but they are also a reliable choice for families on a budget. Households focusing on meal prepping can also reduce energy consumption by using less electricity or natural gas for cooking food. 

Lower Meat Consumption 

Meat is expensive in the United States, meaning not everyone can afford it. However, it is a rich source of essential nutrients, including proteins and iron, to improve your overall wellbeing. 

You can replace meat with other protein-rich food items, such as canned fish, eggs, and legumes. These foods are nutritious, easy to prepare, and affordable. Likewise, they have a long shelf life and are less likely to spoil. 

Grow Your Own Produce

Although growing your own produce requires effort, it is an excellent way to eat healthy without affecting your budget. You can buy seeds at affordable or discounted prices and grow your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs. 

Continuous production of veggies and fruits at home can save you money. At the same time, it tastes fresher and improves your overall wellbeing, including enhanced metabolic, cardiovascular, digestive, and mental health. 

The best part is that veggies and herbs are easy to grow at home. All you need is to spend some time daily and care for the growing herbs/plants/veggies. Finally, this approach eliminates food waste and saves money by preventing you from buying herbs at the store.

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